• Overflowing joy
    Overflowing joy Blåsmasters is a vibrant show orchestra playing groovy music with lots of fun!
  • Show in town
    Show in town Blåsmasters likes playing in the streets, with sparkling delight!
  • Trumpeters playing!
    Trumpeters playing! Not even when the orchestra eats dinner at the pub, you can keep the fun at bay!

Entertainment and feeling!

That is what is central when the Stockholm-based band Blåsmasters performs. Since the start in 1977 the band offers unique and trendsetting entertainment of the highest class. Colour and movement are mixed with show and genuine musicality, making every single listener part in this musical cavalcade!

Book Blåsmasters!

Blåsmasters entertaining stage show and music is suitable for most occasions such as festivals and corporate events.

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